As a shamanic practitioner, I offer to restore balance within each individual I work with by divining information, performing soul and power animal retrievals, providing energetic extractions, curse unraveling, cord-cutting, and performing compassionate depossession. 


Shamanic Healing & Counseling

Shamanic healing has been an organic piece to the way of living for traditional cultures throughout the ages, yet within our contemporary Western society, shamanic knowledge and shamanic practices remain mostly elusive.

My personal definition of Shamanic healing is the calling upon of our Creator, Ancestors, Helping Spirits and our Higher Selves to help facilitate and participate in our healing and discovery of our true self and life's purpose. A Shaman is a person that acts as an intermediary between our perception of ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality for the benefit of others.


1-1.25 Hour Session $80.00

Shamanic Healing/ Counseling Services:

1-1.25 Hour Session $100.00

Half Day Session $350.00

Please Note: I work with People ALL over the World via Web, Phone and in Person! It is not pertinent that you live within my location to receive Shamanic Healing & Counseling.

 What Might You See A Shamanic Practitioner For?

Life Direction: A shamanic practitioner can help you with life direction such as a life coach would. Divination and shamanic journeying are the tools within the shamanic practitioners' tool belt that can help you see future possibilities and guide you into the best possible outcomes. 

Physical Pain & Illness: A shamanic practitioner can help you heal from physical ailments. These ailments can range from lesser degree issues such as specific painful areas within your body to larger degree issues such as chronic pain and illness.

Curse Unraveling & Cord Cutting: A shamanic practitioner can have curses unraveled that were placed on or within you and your family. A shamanic practitioner can also help release you from energetic depletion by cord cutting.

House & Land Clearings: A shamanic practitioner can energetically and spiritually clear & heal land, homes and personal spaces. 

Rites of Passage: A shamanic practitioner can lead and guide you through rites of passages and or other initiations.

Dreamwork: A shamanic practitioner can provide dream interpretation and help guide you through your subconscious to provide you with the problem solving skills needed to recognize the patterns and messages within your dreams

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How Does The Shamanic Practitioner Help You With What You Seek? 

The shamanic practitioner, "I" in this case, have various ways to help you with what you seek. I will perform a "diagnostic" shamanic journey upon our initial interview. I do this by going into a trance state to receive information about your situation and the best healing modalities needed to perform the desired outcomes. Shamanic journeying is described below. After we talk about the information received and our desired goals, we can then begin the healing work together. The healing work is usually a combination of the shamanic methods listed below that are utilized to provide you with the best possible outcomes.

Shamanic Journeying 

Shamanic Journeying is the process of the shamanic practitioner entering into a trance like state through the rhythm of a drum or rattle to communicate with Creator, Helping Spirits, Ancestors and Higher Selves to seek information that is relevant to their client's queries, whether is be for specific information, counseling, and or healing.

Divining Information

Divining is the practice of foretelling the future and discerning hidden significance in events. As a shamanic practitioner, I often times will use shamanic journeying as a tool to look into the outcomes and directions of peoples lives. In conjunction with the shamanic journey, I may at times, also utilize other methods of divination such as interpreting signs in nature, and the casting of Ogam sticks.

Soul Retrieval

Throughout the course of our lifetime we will inevitably experience physical and or emotional traumas that create soul loss. Soul loss can be described as the fragmentation and departure of ones life force or souls essence.  We may also experience soul loss by everyday emotional or physical abuses, such as substance abuse.

Symptoms of soul loss may include a feeling of emptiness, lack of clarity and direction, loss of energy, a feeling of powerlessness, depression, anxiety, and or a feeling that something’s missing. A common expression of this experience is, “I feel as though a piece of me is missing.” 

Soul retrieval then is the process of the shamanic practitioner going into a trance like state, finding the missing soul parts and bringing them back to the individual. On most occasions, the shamanic practitioner is shown the age at which the soul part left the body and what strengths it is bringing back into person. 

Energetic Extraction

Shamanic extraction is the removal of foreign energy from the body. Sometimes this energy may also be described as intrusions. Misplaced energy held within the body can manifest into physical and psychological ailments.  

We can experience misplaced energy held within our bodies for many reasons. One example is that emotions are vibration (energy) and if not moved correctly throughout our body can cause illness.  For instance if you became angry and held your anger within your stomach instead of releasing it, you may develop ulcers, digestion problems and or other problems related to that area. The emotional energy stored within the body does not have to be just from anger; it can be from any other expression of emotion as well.  

Another example of misplaced energy could be energy that has been left behind from an injury or traumatic event. Examples of this would include any bodily injury from accidents, surgeries, and or abuse.

Misplaced energy can also enter into our bodies from curses and or from the ill will of others intended towards us. The energy may be present from a well developed curse that has been placed or it could have simply been placed by a quick worded curse with a low vibration. 

Symptoms of misplaced energy usually include any form of physical illness within the body. Energetic extraction, then, is done by the shamanic practitioner going into a trance like state to diagnose, find and remove the foreign energy. 

Curse Unraveling 

A curse can be an utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm towards someone or a group of people. It’s a wishful expression of misfortune, evil or doom that can be developed and implemented through a formula or charm. It can also just be a profane oath such as a curse word or expression aimed towards another.

Sometimes within our lives we will experience a pattern of undesired events or ways of living that seem to be unmanageable and or unchangeable. It is as though no matter how hard we try to change the events or patterns they remain the same. This repetition of unfortunate events and or of an undesired pattern may be happening due to a curse laid upon you and or upon your family’s lineage. Physical ailments within the body may also be an implication of a curse.

Curse Unraveling then is the process of the shamanic practitioner going into a trance like state to find and unravel the curse. Often times there is after care that needs to take place that the shamanic practitioner will share with you. This could be as simple as throwing away an object that is in your house or removing energy that no longer serves you in and around your environment.



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