"I met Krystal Gauley as a student of hers at massage therapy school.  She had a warm and beautiful personality.  I learned Krystal was a shamanic healer and set up a session with her for a soul retrieval.  Working with Krystal was the beginning of major life changes for me.  The session was very calming and validating.  She worked with me for approximately one hour.  Her vision and accuracy was spot on and she provided me with any insights to my childhood and trauma I had endured.  Krystal was very sensitive and nurturing in the months that followed my session.  She was available for discussion and always expressed sincere compassion with me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants healing or insight into life challenges they may be encountering.  She is very intuitive and "connected" to her work and those she works with."

~ Olivia Jaymes - Colorado Springs, CO


"The day I met Krystal, she walked up to me and told me that I'd never be able to move forward with the guy I was currently texting with at that very moment unless I resolved my issues with my father. I had briefly met Krystal a few days prior to that and had never had a conversation with her. That was honestly the first conversation we'd had. Not only did she know nothing about my life, but it wasn't until that very moment that I realized that my family issues may be actually holding me back from a better life.

Of course my interest was peaked and so I asked her to elaborate and that's when she told me that she was a shamanic practitioner. Aside from my first boyfriend's name being Shaman, I had no idea what she was talking about. After she told me a bit more about being a shaman, she ended our conversations with a small bit of information that would be relocating me back to a place I'd sworn off years ago for something crazy, a guy. She also threw in that she can't see how it would turn out, but it was a part of my journey. I had just moved to this gorgeous little mountain town and I never wanted to leave, not even for groceries and she told me that I'd be moving back to the Midwest for a guy?! I had to know more of what this girl was reading into, so without hesitation I scheduled a 90 minute session with her. To date, it was the best thing I've ever done.

Krystal was right, I did indeed moving back to the Midwest for a boy. It wasn't any fairy-tale, but like she said it was apart of my journey. Since that time I've made Krystal's sessions a bi-monthly commitment. Honestly, my life has been fulfilling in more ways that I ever could have imagined. I feel like I have purpose and with Krystal there to help guide my path, I've been able to make some of life's toughest decisions. Decisions that didn't always make a ton of sense at the time but in the end always did.

I can't say enough about Krystal and all she's done to enhance my life. My life continues to improve after every session and I will never stop turning to her for her guidance. "

~ Alexandra Demaree - Cheyenne, WY


" We found Krystal to be perfectly qualified to work with us in our situation.  We had a spirit in our turn of the century home. Krystal was able to figure out that it was a Tribal Clan leader from long ago. He and his village had traveled to the area where they were attacked and killed. The result of the incident left he, his family and all the rest of the tribe trapped and unable to transcend for various reasons.

Krystal was told by her helping spirit guides to perform a specific ceremony to help transcend all of the Clan's spirits and clear the land from negative energies. We had never felt fear in our house but we knew that the spirit wanted something and the cleansing we had previously tried prior to Krystal had not worked. Krystal lifted a weight from us, she was able to clear our home, give peace to us and the tribe that fell there.  

Being a part of this experience was an honor.  Krystal is professional in her work and we formed a strong friendship.  We feel truly fortunate to have experienced her compassion, empathy and skills.  Her bright eyes, wonderful smile and sense of humor stay in our hearts."

~ JoAnne & Phyllis Waterman - Haines, AK


“Working with Krystal has been a blessing in my life! Everything in my life has changed. I'm comforted knowing myself better and enjoy the healing process. When I speak with Krystal I feel very comfortable and sharing my feelings with her is easy. Krystal is direct and extremely punctual on our calls. I would recommend a session with Krystal or even five!”

~ Stacey Balanoff - Casper, WY